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A note about the archive:

Our collection is comprised of wax cylinder donations from many sources, and with the digitization process being fully automated, not all listed contents have been confirmed. As a project run by volunteers, transcription is ongoing, and we apologize for any mislabeled entries.

# Title Artist Year
0035 Keep away from the fellow who owns an automobile Ada Jones 1909
0037 Beautiful lady in red Emory B. Randolph 1915
0039 Are you the O'Reilly? Billy Murray 1915
0041 War talk at Punkin Center Cal Stewart 1915
0042 Don't take my darling boy away Helen Clark and Joseph A. Phillips 1915
0043 We'll build a little home in the U.S.A. Irving Kaufman 1915
0045 Sister Susie's sewing shirts for soldiers Billy Murray 1915
0047 An afternoon in June Billy Murray and Joseph Belmont 1914
0049 Don't bite the hand that's feeding you Walter Van Brunt 1916
0052 Wake up, America! Joseph A. Phillips 1916
0055 I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier Helen Clark 1915
0062 Tip-top Tipperary Mary Joseph A. Phillips 1915
0063 The little grey mother Jim Doherty 1915
0064 Till the boys come home James F. Harrison 1915
0065 My big little soldier boy Glen Ellison 1915
0067 We'll never let the old flag fall James F. Harrison 1915
0068 Young America, we're strong for you Irving Kaufman 1916
0073 There's a long, long trail George Wilton Ballard 1916
0075 Miami Max Fells' Della Robbia Orchestra 1920
0076 What's the good of kicking Maurice Burkhart 1920
0077 Dinnie Donohue on prohibition William Cahill 1921
0079 Flying squadron National Military Band 1915
0081 Freedom for all forever Arthur Middleton 1918
0083 I feel thy angel spirit Edith Chapman and James F. Harrison 1909
0084 Naughty Marietta Berrick von Norden 1911
0085 Otello. Ave Maria Maria Labia 1911
0086 I want you for my all time girl Henry Burr 1907
0087 Mother's lullaby Matt Keefe and George M. Stricklett 1908
0091 Ah! So pure Frederic Freemantel 1908
0092 Don't go up in that big balloon, Dad Murry K. Hill 1910
0093 I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier Henry Burr 1915
0095 Over there Peerless Quartet 1917
0096 Over there Indestructible Male Quartet 1917
0097 Good-bye Broadway, hello France Peerless Quartet 1917
0098 When the great red dawn is shining Alan Turner 1917
1001 Holy Ghost, with light divine Edison Mixed Quartet 1910
1010 It's a long way to Tipperary Stanley Kirkby 1915
1011 Over there Billy Murray 1917
1012 I may be gone for a long, long time Shannon Quartet 1917
1013 It's a long way to Berlin, but we'll get there Arthur Fields 1918
1014 Damnation de Faust. Voici des roses Henri Albers 1907
1016 The bridal rose Edison Symphony Orchestra 1904
1018 Independentia march Joseph Belmont 1904
1019 Maritana. Yes, let me like a soldier fall George Alexander 1906
1020 The devil's march John Yorke AtLee 1898
1021 Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning Arthur Fields 1919
1022 When the boys come home James F. Harrison 1917
1023 Pack up your troubles Helen Clark 1917
1024 Let’s all be Americans now Arthur Hall 1917
1025 It’s time for every boy to be a soldier Gladys Rice 1917
1026 What kind of an American are you? Helen Clark 1917
1027 Where do we go from here? Arthur Fields 1917
1029 Joan of Arc, they are calling you Vernon Dalhart 1917
1030 Send me away with a smile Arthur Fields 1917
1031 Laddie boy Thomas Chalmers 1917
1033 When Johnny marches away New York Military Band 1917
1034 Long boy Steve Porter 1918
1035 We’re going over American Quartet 1918
1036 I don’t want to get well Arthur Fields and Grace Woods 1918
1037 I’d feel at home if they’d let me join the army M.J. O’Connell 1918
1038 Good-bye Broadway, hello France Arthur Fields 1918
1040 Camp songs, U.S. Army. No. 1 Chorus of Male Voices 1918
1041 Camp songs, U.S. Army. No. 2 Chorus of Male Voices 1918
1042 Somewhere in France is the lily Arthur Middleton 1918
1043 When Yankee Doodle learns to parlez vous francais Arthur Fields 1918
1044 Daddy, I want to go American Quartet and Ada Jones 1918
1045 Laddie in khaki: girl who waits at home Glen Ellison 1918
1047 I’m going to follow the boys Billy Murray and Gladys Rice 1918
1048 The Dixie volunteers American Quartet 1918
1049 The nation’s awakening march New York Military Band 1918
1050 Bing! Bang! Bing’ em on the Rhine American Quartet 1918
1051 Each stitch is a thought of you, dear Helen Clark and the Criterion Quartet 1918
1052 A submarine attack American Quartet 1918
1053 A little bit of sunshine Vernon Dalhart 1918
1055 Send me a curl American Quartet 1918
1056 On the road to home sweet home Harry Anthony and George W. Reardon 1918
1057 Lorraine: my beautiful Alsace-Lorraine Vernon Dalhart 1918
1058 I’ll come back to you when it’s all over Arthur Middleton 1918
1059 Three wonderful letters from home George Wilton Ballard 1918
1060 We stopped them at the Marne American Quartet 1918
1061 Just like Washington Arthur Fields 1918
1062 Chimes of Normandy Helen Clark 1918
1064 Homeward bound George Wilton Ballard 1918
1065 Bring me a letter from my old home town Billy Jones 1918
1066 We’ll do our share: while you’re over there Harmony Four 1918
1067 When Alexander takes his ragtime band to France Arthur Fields 1918
1068 Daddy mine Helen Clark 1918
1070 The little good for nothing’s good for something Harmony Four 1918
1071 Any old place the gang goes: I’ll be there Edward Meeker 1918
1073 We’re all going calling on the Kaiser Arthur Fields 1918
1074 When I send you a picture of Berlin Billy Murray 1918
1075 Hearts of the world Arthur Middleton 1918
1076 Indianola Billy Murray 1918
1077 If he can fight like he can love Elaine Gordon 1918
1078 I’m goin’ to fight my way right back to Carolina Vernon Dalhart 1918
1080 When you come back American Quartet 1918
1082 Oh! Frenchy Arthur Fields 1918
1083 Uncle Sammy American Quartet 1918
1084 Good-bye Alexander Ada Jones 1918
1085 Watch the bee go get the hun Edward Meeker 1918
1092 The battle in the air American Quartet 1918
2057 God be with our boys to-night Metropolitan Quartet 1919
2113 Soldier songs. No. 1 Chorus of Male Voices 1919
2118 When I gets out in no-man’s land Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan 1919
2120 Yip, yip, Yaphank. Selections George Wilton Ballard 1919
2122 Tell that to the Marines Billy Murray 1919
2127 I ain’t got weary yet Arthur Fields 1919
2133 You’ll find old Dixieland in France Arthur Fields 1919
2142 After you’ve gone Gladys Rice and Billy Murray 1919
2151 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Ada Jones & Male Quartet 1912
2164 The worst is yet to come Billy Murray 1919
2165 The girl behind the gun Leola Lucey 1919
2177 Jim, Jim, I always knew that you’d win Arthur Fields 1919
2184 Let us not forget Thomas Alva Edison 1919
2185 The kiss that made me cry George Wilton Ballard 1919
2188 All those in favor say aye Arthur Fields 1919
2189 Frenchy, come to Yankee land Billy Murray 1919
2199 Everybody wants a key to my cellar Al Bernard 1919
2213 Don’t cry Frenchy, don’t cry George Wilton Ballard 1919
2217 By the babbling brook Sibyl Sanderson Fagan and Lewis James 1919
2223 Dixie is Dixie once more American Quartet 1919
2232 Danny’s return from France Bob Willis, Ada Jones, Edward Meeker 1919
2233 The ghost of the mayor overture Edison Symphony Orchestra 1906
2239 Con Clancy & the whistling newsboy Len Spencer and Parke Hunter 1904
2242 Grand march from Tannhauser Edison Concert Band 1902
2252 K-K-K-Katy Billy Murray 1918
2269 How ya' gonna keep them down on the farm Byron G. Harlan 1919
2275 Sahara: we'll soon be dry like you Billy Murray 1920
2278 When I send you a picture of Berlin Jaudas’ Society Orchestra 1918
2281 Tim Rooney’s at the fightin’! Arthur Middleton 1919
2283 Jolly coppersmith New York Military Band 1915
2291 I’m dreaming of you Ward Barton 1916
2294 The allies march to freedom George Wilton Ballard 1916
2299 Boys of the dardanelles James F. Harrison 1916
2301 In Florida among the palms Walter Van Brunt 1917
2311 The drytown blues Lou Chiha "Frisco" 1917
2323 The smart little feller who stocked up his cellar Maurice Burkhart 1920
2331 Alpine specialty Spencer Trio 1897
2334 My bugler boy Helen Clark. 1915
2337 So long, mother George Wilton Ballard 1918
2348 It's a long way to Tipperary Stanley Kirkby. 1914
2355 Keep the home fires burning Royal Dadmun. 1915
2367 It's a long, long way to Tipperary Albert Farrington and chorus. 1914
2371 On board the Oregon Invincible Quartette 1902
2383 I think I oughtn't auto any more Billy Murray 1907
2387 Soldier songs Chorus of Male Voices 1919
2390 Roll on silver moon Frank M. Kamplain 1920
2392 Keep the home fires burning Homestead Trio 1918
2407 Gioconda. Danza delle ore Indestructible Concert Band. 1909
2412 Where do we go from here Indestructible Band. 1917
2423 National airs of the allies New York Military Band. 1919
2427 Battle of the Marne New York Military Band. 1916
2433 Boccaccio. National (London) Military Band. 1907
2441 "Carmen" selection National Military Band 1910
2444 The cuckoo song Harlan and Belmont 1902
2457 Waltz Florida Conrad's Orchestra 1921
2466 Brown October ale W.H. Thompson 1912
2474 Mocking bird medley Unidentified 1901
2482 For auld lang syne! Australia will be there William White 1916
2496 Armorer's song Frank C. Stanley 1908
2509 Florida rag Vess L. Ossman. 1907
2521 Cuba libre Antonio Vargas 1903
2534 Hamlet Edward Brigham 1904
2546 Ja-da Jack Kaufman 1919
2551 Deweys return Columbia Symphony Orchestra 1899
2565 Un coup de soleil Charlus 1902

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